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Email on iPad

This guide assumes that you know your email address and password. To find these, you must log in to My page, where you will find your email addresses under Altibox self service. Good luck!

    • Select Settings.
    • Select Mail, contacts, calendars.
    • Select Add an account…

    Legg til konto under Mail, kontakter, kalendere i innstillinger

    • Select Other.

    Annet konto

    • Select Add an email account.

    Legg til epostkonto

    • Enter your full name.
    • Enter your email address.
    • Enter your password.
    • Enter a description for the account. Use your e-mail address or Name, for example.
    • Tap Next.

    Skriv inn ditt fulle navn, e-postadresse, passord og beskrivelse

    • Check that IMAP is selected. Lyse recommends IMAP for the type of account.
    • Set the host name for incoming to pop.altibox.no (this also works as IMAP even though pop is written here).
    • Enter your email address as the user name.
    • Set the host name for outgoing to smtp.altibox.no.
    • Enter your email address as the user name.
    • Input your password.
    • Next.

    IMAP: bruk pop.altibox.no og smtp.altibox.no

    • Tap Archive.


    • Under ACCOUNTS, select the account you just created.
    • Under IMAP, select the account you just created.
    • Tap Advanced at the bottom.


    • Tap Drafts mailbox.
    • Set Drafts mailbox to Drafts.
    • Go back to Advanced.
    • Set Sent mailbox to Sent.
    • Go back to Advanced.
    • Set Trash mailbox to Trash.
    • Tap back to Account.
    • Tap SMTP under Outgoing e-mail server.


    • Set IMAP path prefix to INBOX.
    • Tap the Account back arrow.

    Avansert. Bruk SSL, passordgodkjenning, INBOX som baneprefiks og 993 som port

    • Select your new account.
    • Tap smtp.altibox.no under Outgoing e-mail server.
    • Tap smtp.altibox.no under Primary server.

    SMTP Primærtjener smtp.altibox.no

    • Enable SSL.
    • Set Authorisation to Password.
    • Set Server port to 465.
    • Tap Finished.

    Bruk SSL med Passord som Godkjenning. Tjenerport 465.

    Now you're finished. We hope that went okay. If you are having trouble you can try deleting your account, and adding it again. If it's still not working correctly we can safely recommend that you use our webmail which does not require any setup. Good luck!

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